Massage Techniques:

Deep Tissue

Used to focus on specific areas of the body deep to the superficial muscles. It assists in those with chronic pain or with an injury, allowing for the release of the muscles tension and pain that it’s holding.


Assists women who are pregnant and whos bodies are adapting to the changes that are to come with muscles elasticity and strain on lower back muscles. During the first trimester and into the second we can do massage with you on your stomach as long as it is comfortable. As the pregnancy progresses, I’ll have you lay on your side with pillows for added comfort to apply the techniques.


A Japanese therapy focusing on pressure points on the body to help move Qi, which is the bodies natural energy source. It’s a coordinated sequence that addresses both the front and back of the body and applied while the client is completely clothed.

Sports Massage

For athletes and those who strive for excellent fitness, this modality is great either pre or post workout to stimulate blood flow and oxygen to the muscles and release toxic build up. This technique includes different stretches as well.


The most well-known form of massage is the Swedish which is a practice of using broad superficial strokes to bring the body into a restful state of being.


The feet are like a road map of the body, press on certain points and you affect a referred point on the body.


This is an energy healing massage that is applied while the client is fully clothed. Hands are placed at different areas of the body to allow for positive healing energy to enter.


A barefoot massage technique using deep strokes from Bonnie’s feet. This is a western version of an ancient form of body work dating back thousands of years.

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